What to ask your Gutter Contractor

What to ask your Gutter Contractor

Thinking about getting a gutter system or updating your current system? Seamless gutters might be for you and your home. The design of seamless gutters makes them efficient and cost-effective.

What is a seamless gutter?

Using a gutter formation machine, designers are able to fabricate a seamless gutter using a gutter machine which bends and forms a roll of aluminum metal into a gutter. Designers create gutter systems that are custom to fit your house. The benefit of having no seams means no leaks and a clean look.

What gutter material is best for my home?

While your options will likely include aluminum, copper, galvanized, galvalume, and gutters of various colors and shades, it will depend solely on the design of your house and what you are looking for. Of course, the most expensive gutter systems will be those made form the most expensive metals such as copper—although this often proves to be one of the most durable. Often it is best to take sample pieces of gutter systems from the hardware store to your home and compare against the side of your house which color, style, or metal looks best and is right for you and your home. What looks good on paper or in a magazine may not actually look good in practice. Therefore, utilizing samples will ensure that you make the right purchase for your gutter system.

How long will installing the gutter system take?

Of course, the answer to this question will depend exactly on the scope of the project. Repairing a gutter system takes about one day. However, if you are installing an entirely new gutter system and uninstalling an old one, it could take a bit longer or even several days for larger projects. These factors also depend on the size of the home. It is also dependent on the type of material that the home is made out of (wood, stucco, etc.). This can make it more difficult for those installing the gutter system to drill holes with screws to mount the gutters.

Can you repair gutter systems?

The simple answer is yes! Gutter systems are difficult to repair when broken but not impossible. It will be easy when updating your gutter system to fix sagging or poorly pitched gutters. On the flip side, more drastic issues may require reinstalling large sections of the gutter. Many homeowners experience their gutters rusting up or corroding. Ultimately, this can sometimes mean holes have formed throughout the system simply because of decay. Resolve the issues by having gutters replaced. Investing in a more durable metal will ensure a longer life for your gutter system. Contact us today for a new gutter system installation.