Spot Water Drainage Problems Early

Spot Water Drainage Problems Early

A problem with how your home drains away water can turn into a major expense unless you recognize and tackle the problem right away.

Water can definitely be your worst enemy as a homeowner — it can cause problems inside and outside your home, especially if your current guttering is not equipped to handle the amount of water you are getting, the downspouts are not large enough, or the gutters are not maintained properly.  To help prevent issues and to spot the ones already there, here are some signs of water drainage problems that can tell you it is time to have your gutters inspected, repaired or replaced.

Peeling Paint
Do you see paint bubbling or peeling off your siding or wood? Take a close look at your entire home. This can be an indicator of a gutter problem. If your gutters are not performing as they should, water can build up or overflow in areas you don’t want water to get into- causing potential problems.
This can mean water is running down the sides of your home vs being pulled away by the gutters. The runoff water is not getting away from your home as intended. This is very common with gutter leaks or improperly installed guttering. Instead, it is running down the side seeping into wood trim and seeping into the ground near the foundation of your home. This could cause even more serious foundation issues if the issue is not taken care of.

Wall Cracks
Small cracks are somewhat normal from settling and age, but any larger cracks can mean trouble.  Walk around your home inspecting the foundation area. Do you notice any larger or growing cracks? This could be caused by excessive water being absorbed right by your wall due to improper drainage. Your gutters could be inadequate, clogged, or even broken.

Mulch Is Washing Away
Is your mulch or soil is washing away into your lawn, drive, or the street’s drains?  You may have drainage problems. Position downspouts correctly. Without correct positioning, you see issues with things like your patio, driveway or walkway.  Soil erosion undermines the concrete structure.

Attic Mold
If your gutters are filled with standing water, the fascia boards holding these gutters up are under stress, and can eventually begin to break or rot. Rot can spread to the rest of your roof quickly, but the first sign of a gutter or moisture-related issue you will be able to spot from the attic is in your insulation. Moist or even moldy insulation is a clear indication that your rain gutters aren’t carrying away water as they should.

Water Around Your Foundation
Last but not least, look around the perimeter of your home right after the next rainstorm. Do you see water puddling around your foundation? This water can compromise your foundation in several ways, so it’s important to have. Professionals examine your gutter system, including your downspouts and fascia. They are trained and experienced and can spot discrepancies and offer cost-effective solutions to eliminate water accumulating around your foundation. Contact us today.